Engagement | Rocky Mountain National Park | Brainerd Lake, Boulder, Colorado

Do you need an escape from all of the pandemic talk? Well, look no further, friend – because just when you think you have seen it all, nature, once again, reveals the most beautiful landscapes and settings! Seriously, check out this engagement session I photographed in Colorado!

As I hugged and kissed my sobbing, sniffling three-year-old, and assured her that mommy would be home by the end of the next day, I swiftly entered the airport. It was the first time since the pandemic hit, and quite honestly, a long time before that, that I had a chance to fly alone. So, as sad as I was to say a short goodbye to my daughter, I was thrilled to be alone in a quiet, airport terminal.  

Later, as I boarded the plane, I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about seeing the mountains from above the sky. And, of course, they did not disappoint. That is why, when Ashley & Julian stated they were interested in a travel engagement session, I was completely on board (pun intended) for a remote location in Colorado – the majestic mountains were calling my name.

Ashley & Julian picked me up from the airport, and we immediately began swapping life stories, and excitedly discussing the plans for the day – the fun had truly begun. It was clear from our laughter & smiles that we were all beyond thrilled to be in the mountain air, and of course, ready to photograph their love story.

Our first stop was Rocky Mountain National Park – nearly two hours away from our Denver, CO hotel. So naturally, after all that driving, our hearts sunk when we pulled up to the entrance to the park, and the ranger said their reservations were full for the day. And due to the pandemic, we were not allowed to go in. What?! No!

Thankfully, Julian kindly requested an exception be made for us, and we were allowed into the park for the day. PHEW! That was close.

After we stayed for nearly an hour or so, photographing them on gorgeous trails, next to rushing rivers, and playing together in babbling brooks (me, not them – haha.) We decided to go to the next location – Brainard Lake in Boulder, CO. This location was nearly 45 minutes away, but oh so worth it!

As we pulled around the top of the last bend in the road, I audibly gasped for air. The view was that beautiful to behold. It was cooler in this location, and far off in the distance, the mountains glistened through the clouds. And you guessed it, right in front of the mountains, there was a rolling field with a lake. Yep – it was literally breathtaking.

We were all immediately energized by our surroundings and we began the last half of their session. Again, the cooler temperature, the breeze, and the new surroundings brought out even more of Ashley & Julian’s energetic personalities. They were both so relaxed, laid back, and ready to capture their love in this amazing location. 

As you peruse through their entire gallery, it’s very apparent that Ashley & Julian have known each other for quite some time. In fact, they are high-school sweethearts! How cute is that?! Julian makes Ashley laugh as quickly as a heartbeat – it was mesmerizing to watch their interactions and to photograph them.

This trip was beyond therapeutic for me, and I am so grateful I was chosen to be the photographer that captured Ashley & Julian’s engagement session in Colorado. 

Congratulations Ashley & Julian on your engagement! I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter!

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