Summer Engagement Session | Taylors Falls, Wisconsin | Taylors Falls, Minnesota

Do you believe love is waiting for you? Right around the next corner? Well, it’s true. Be patient. In the end, the long wait will be worth it. That’s what happened with these two lovers. . . and now, their forever together has begun.

When Sydney & Christian showed up for their engagement session in Taylors Falls, they both were seemingly excited and maybe even a little anxious. Because honestly, two introverts are not looking to spend time in front of a camera – not exactly a dream setting for them! Why, you ask? Because photo-sessions usually make introverts extremely uncomfortable, and even some extroverts too. 

My job as the photographer, is to make you feel completely at ease, and comfortable, and even more importantly, to allow your fun personalities and love story to shine through during your engagement session.

Thankfully, I am an overly, energetic, extrovert! 

So, I tell all of my couples they won’t have to worry about carrying their session along. They can leave all of that up to me; then they can simply relax and have all the fun. 

Your engagement session is a once in a lifetime experience, and I value not only your experience during your session, but also capturing your unique personality qualities, and unique love story!

So, with that being said, we began Sydney & Christian’s engagement session. And within minutes – every single pose, step, intimate kiss, and laughter were all effortlessly caught on camera. 

It was so much fun to capture their love for one another in this gorgeous setting! And also, watching their facial expressions when they tried Starbucks birthday-cake, cake-pops for the first time.

Just the cutest! AND the most delicious little delectable, pink treat – trust me, if you have never tried them, go to your nearest Starbucks and get yourself a cake-pop today!

So, what’s next for these two? Sydney & Christian have been dating for some time and plan to hold an intimate, wedding ceremony in Colorado because they love the mountains and adventure! 

In fact, when I asked Christian what drew him to Sydney, he said, “Before I met Sydney, I had asked my mom how I would know when I met the right person for me. My mom told me I would just know. And she was right – when I met Sydney, I immediately knew that she was the one for me.” 

AHHHHHHH! Okay seriously, cue all the tears and cuteness factor here. 

I LOVE that Christian said that about Sydney. 

Because truthfully, when it comes to a forever love, you honestly just know in your heart when that person finally walks into your life.

Congratulations Sydney & Christian on your engagement! 

You two will have a lifetime of adventures, and cozy evenings staying home together. 

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