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There is always a story to tell when it comes to any engagement session! And this session was like no other thus far in my career; if you’d like to hear a tale of a photographer taking a mis-step, quite literally, then read on friends.

The drive up to Duluth has always been a favorite road trip of mine. Mainly because my whole family has been taking mini vacations or day trips up the North shore for as long as I can remember.

So not only is Duluth a nostalgic location for me, but a short road-trip is like a reset button for my mind, as well. I love the notion of a road trip – the open road, and me.

On this particular day, my family and I made an impulse decision to have them tag along for the fun that evening. So, with much anticipation, we quickly loaded up our car and headed up to Duluth, MN for an engagement session I was about to photograph.

It had been cooler for the past week or so – mid 70’s with little to no humidity – so the sun-roof was open, and the music in the car filled the air with an upbeat, delightful vibe. It was heaven.

Once we arrived in Duluth, I was in great spirits; my family went off on their own little adventure, while I went to meet Sierra & Zach in the parking lot at Grandma’s Restaurant. Sierra & Zach were all dressed up and smiling from ear-to-ear when I saw them – it was adorable!

So, off to the first location we went – the classic, lift bridge in Duluth.

As we walked onto the left side of the bridge, I stopped approximately 1/4 of the way into the pathway, and explained to Sierra & Zach how I wanted them to interact with one another on the bridge, and where to walk.  Then I walked back to the location I wanted to photograph from. And just as I was about to direct Sierra & Zach to begin walking, I glanced over my shoulder, and took one step backwards. 

And that was it…

My foot fit perfectly into a very small hole near the steel beams that hold the bridge up and, I fell. Yep. I fell thigh deep into the hole. The fall, and the pressure from the steal beams scraping my leg HARD as I fell. I was frozen from embarrassment and shock.

Initially, we all laughed, of course. Because when someone falls, it’s funny!

But then, I slowly assessed my camera for any damages (which was hanging from my strap across my shoulder), and assessed my own possible injuries too. When I realized I hadn’t broken anything – PHEW, I slowly pulled myself out of the hole (something I never thought I would say), and began to feel the immense throbbing in my right thigh.

I smiled, nervously laughed, and told Sierra & Zach that I needed a moment to re-group. And that I did. I knew we had their entire engagement session left to photograph, and I severely dislike inconveniences – i.e. re-scheduling. So, I pulled myself together, both physically and mentally, and moved forward with their engagement session.

And guess what?!

We had an amazing time together! 

In fact, I was able to utilize so many jokes about their photographer falling into a hole that evening, that making them laugh naturally was a breeze. Haha! In fact, it still makes me laugh – mainly because I was okay, but also because I never injure myself seriously, so I was quite taken aback.

Anyway, that’s it. That’s the story.

I fell through a hole in the lift bridge in Duluth, nearly fell into Lake Superior, and lived to talk about it.

And now, I gifted Sierra & Zach with a very, funny, engagement story to share with their friends and family! 

But in all seriousness, Sierra & Zach chose Duluth for their engagement session location because that is where they got engaged – how cute & romantic is that?! 

Oh – and we ended their engagement session with ice cream – because who doesn’t love ice cream?!

Congratulations again, Sierra & Zach on your engagement and upcoming wedding! 

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