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Romantic Minnesota Summer Wedding

The air was crisp.

Falls imminent approach was palpable. 

Evident by the slightest change in the color of the leaves on the nearby trees. As the ceremony began, loved ones grew quiet, as they prepared to witness childhood friends marry each other. 

And guess what? If being childhood friends wasn’t already such a sweet part of their love story, the bride also asked her father, Russell, to officiate the wedding too. I mean, oh for cuteness sake, right?!

While Russell obviously knows the bride well, he also knows the groom because their families have been friends since Shelby & Winthrop were young children. And because of their close relationships, it was so charming to watch the fun-loving banter they exchanged throughout the ceremony. I know I certainly laughed and got teary-eyed behind my camera several times!

However, that wasn’t the most touching moment of all; the most touching moment for me was when Winthrop called Shelby’s son, Xander, up to the altar to join him & Shelby. As Winthrop began to speak, the crowd fell silent again. Soaking in every heart-felt word Winthrop shared. 

Truth be told. The one thing that truly tugged at my heart strings during their ceremony was how well-thought out Winthrop’s words were to Xander. And the meaningful way he conveyed his emotions about the three of them creating a new family together. It was touching to watch Winthrop embrace not only Shelby as his new wife, but Xander as a “bonus” son, as well. 

After he finished speaking, he helped Xander put on his watch he had given him; they exchanged a warm hug. And with a huge grin on his face, Xander walked back down the stairs, admiring his new watch the whole way!  

Congratulations Shelby & Winthrop! Your love story is magical! 


Rachel Kathleen



Venue: Brooklyn Park Community Center

Florist: Bride & Mother-of-the-bride

Band/DJ: N/A

Dessert: Hyvee

Stationary: Vistaprint 

Bride’s Dress Boutique: David’s Bridal

Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal

Makeup Artist: Marni Force at Volume Salon in Plymouth 

Groom Tux:  Express

Groomsmen:  Express

Videographer: N/A

Bridesmaid Dresses: N/A

Ring Designer: Jared


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