Minnehaha Falls Engagement Session | Minnesota

It was a breezy, summer evening in the park. 

The sound of thunder quietly rumbling in the distance.

Gray clouds began darkening the skies; a storm felt imminent.

And even though the weather wasn’t ideal – Bridget & Scotty were already forced to re-schedule their engagement session so many times before, that we all decided to press on!

Due to the pandemic, Bridget and Scotty were forced to re-schedule their engagement session two times before, and then, they both experienced some deeply, sad losses in their families, as well. 

With the unexpected passing of loved ones, Bridget & Scotty understandably wanted to focus on mourning their loved ones with their families. And even though they received devastating news over the past few months, they both continue to lovingly support one another, and graciously move forward with their wedding planning.

Losing a loved one is personal, and extremely difficult. Not one person has a manual for mourning the loss of a loved one. Let alone how to lose a loved one and then continue to plan one of the most joyous occasions you will experience in your lifetime, but Bridget & Scotty have found a way to do just that!

Throughout their session, they continued to show signs of strength, love, and support for one another. The way they looked deeply into one another’s eyes, held each other tightly, and how they both found ways to laugh and enjoy each other’s company spoke volumes about how deep their connection is to each other.

As their photographer, it was absolutely heart-warming to capture the very intimate moments between the two of them, and to personally experience the deep love they share. Just look at how they look at one another! I still get goosebumps. Love is unmistakably written all over their faces. 

My hope, for Bridget & Scotty, is they will look back on their engagement session for years to come, and remember how much fun, love, support, and strength they shared together. 

As well as how the rain didn’t begin to downpour until the last 5 minutes of their session…it was the perfect ending to a session we thought would need to be re-scheduled yet again!

Congratulations again, Bridget & Scotty, on your engagement and upcoming wedding! 

You two truly know what it means to stand together as a united front, and even though life has thrown you some difficult, trying times, you both support each other as teammates, lovers, and best friends. 

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  1. Kathy Proft says:

    Stunning photographs … dream-like

    • Showit User says:

      Thank you so much, Kathy! I absolutely love creating a romantic, intimate, yet dreamy setting/vibe for my couples. Glad you are enjoying my work. Have a great day!

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