One – Year Old Session | Elm Creek Park Reserve | Maple Grove, Minnesota | Family Photographer

Little Cameron didn’t shy away from the camera at all during his one-year-old session! He and his family were full of energy, love, and fun. Just look at their smiles and their laughter!

Before I describe this adorable, family session, I wanted to start with where I met the Arenson family. We were at my daughter’s ECFE class, and due to scheduling issues, we had to change which day of the week we attended. Luckily, I was so grateful to connect with Heather’s parenting story right away. 

We both have children that are in the same developmental stage, and oh dear, do you need other moms and parents to support you during many stages of your parenting journey! Yayyy for parents who support each other! Phew – what a relief.

Anyway, Heather had reached out to me about a one-year old session for her son, Cameron, and I was beyond thrilled to photograph her family. 

She had mentioned that her family can be “wild” – but I assured her that she need not worry!

Honestly, I love when children are their adventurous selves and have a lot of energy. It makes children that much more interesting to photograph!

So, when we all arrived at the park, we immediately began with a few separate portraits of Harper & Cameron alone – and look at the adorable portraits we were able to capture of both of them! Also, Harper loved all of the rocks she found, and loved carrying them around – so, so cute.

Hint hint: it’s okay for your children to explore during your session.

Honestly, most parents worry endlessly, and wonder if their children will “cooperate” during their family session. However, you don’t have to worry about that scenario with me as your family photographer. 

I have been a nanny since the age of thirteen, and cared for children of all ages and with all sorts of disabilities too. And more importantly, I am a mom. So, I am beyond prepared for every scenario that comes our way during your session! 

You can just show up, relax, and let me do all of the work.

Clearly, based on their gallery, the Arenson family loves each other deeply, and has a lot of fun & laughter to share with the world. 

And from one momma to another, you are doing a great job, Heather!

Congratulations on turning ONE, Cameron!

You are one charming little fella!

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