One-Year-Old Cake-Smash Session | Minneapolis, Minnesota

My whole life I have experienced an honest, natural connection with children. 

One that is inexplicably mutual. And naturally, the real reason I began a full-time, summer, nannying job when I was only thirteen years old. To this day, these easy-breezy connections I have with all ages of children makes my job as a photographer easier, and more importantly, enjoyable for me and for the tiniest of clients.

Snap forward in time to this one-year-old cake smash session with little Cali Lou.

I photographed her newborn photos, and now, was honored with the privilege of capturing the celebration of her 1st birthday!

A newborn changes so dramatically in one year’s time – it never ceases to amaze me; not only how much they grow, but the new skill sets they learn too! Wow – Impressive!

Cali Lou, you certainly have grown into a lovely little one-year old. You are inquisitive, bright, smart, beautiful, and full of smiles!

Some of my favorite moments during Cali Lou’s session were first, being outdoors in a dreamy field of wild flowers. She was naturally so inquisitive with her surroundings, and of course, wanted nothing to do with the beautiful bow her mother had chosen for her session. It was adorable to watch her explore! And of course, watch her remove her headband again and again.

AND – just look at how beautiful these little moments from the wildflower field were with Cali! I simply cannot handle the beautiful setting, and the captivating, little Cali Lou!

When we moved to the studio for the cake-smash portion of her session, I was so impressed with how quickly she acclimated to the studio. It didn’t take long for her to start exploring the faux, pearl necklace her mom brought along, and of course, the chairs, mirrors, and once again, removing the bow her mommy placed back onto her head.  Haha – what a fun memory, Sara & Nathan!

Eventually, we brought out her ombre, pink cake for her to devour; naturally, being as inquisitive as she is, it took time for her to gradually dive in. 

She sat sweetly and patiently as she explored the depths of that delightfully, pink frosting. Just look at the dedication & determination in her eyes! 

Her cute, tiny hands, toes, and frosting smears on her face are just too cute for words!

I hope you had the happiest of 1st birthdays, Cali Lou! 

And I hope you, your mommy, Sara, and your daddy, Nathan, treasure these beautiful photos of you forever!

I am sincerely grateful for clients who entrust these special moments to me.

And I must add, my thirteen-year old self is so proud of the way I use my nannying skills to photograph natural moments like these for my clients!

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