Newborn Photography Session – Plymouth, MN

Plymouth Newborn Photography Session

The whole house was peacefully quiet when I arrived for Sara & Nathan’s newborn session.

Their new baby girl, Cali Lou, was quietly nursing.

I slowly rounded the corner to enter her nursery. 

Newborn Photography Session

Before I could enter the room, their little dog, Finn, started relentlessly barking & barking!

Finn was fiercely (and very cutely may I add) protecting his new little sister who had only returned home two days before our scheduled newborn session. 

When I arrived, Nathan was out getting a coffee for him and his wife – because naturally, when it comes to caring for newborns, most parents require coffee for all the sleep-deprivation.

Anyway, after Finn realized he needn’t be alarmed, I was finally able to make my way into the nursery. And there was little Cali Lou – born June 19, 2019 at 10:29 am – 6 lbs 11oz, 19.75″ – softly breathing, and snuggling her momma.

Sara’s birth story started to unfold more rapidly – when on June 6, 2019, an ultrasound showed that baby Holsather was frank breech. On June 10, 2019, in order to attempt to turn baby, Sara had an external cephalic version – which was unsuccessful; she was then scheduled for a C-Section. Not long before her scheduled C-Section, Sara was also diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and still continues to have symptoms of pre-eclampsia, even after giving birth (which, by the way, it’s very rare to have continued symptoms of preeclampsia AFTER one gives birth.)

And yet through all of the fears and health struggles they have encountered along the way, Sara & Nathan’s faith, and love for one another has helped keep them both in a positive frame of mind. I felt as if they knew that the blessing of their little girl entering the world, far outweighed the trials they faced and were still facing to get to this very moment. The moment they got to hold Cali Lou, and tell her how much they love her, face-to-face.

I laid my eyes on sweet, little Cali Lou.

Mother holding baby

As she was gently burped, her teeny-tiny frame was tenderly nuzzled in her mother’s embrace. I immediately beheld the miracle of motherhood wrapped up in Sara’s expression.

Pure love.




Not only did I see how much she loved her baby, but I saw how she instinctively reacted to Cali’s every need. It was beyond beautiful to once again, witness motherhood unfold. And in that same instance, I watched as Nathan took on fatherhood with ease. I observed him speak sweetly to his baby girl while calling her cute nicknames, happily change her stinky diapers, feed her a bottle, and magically clean poop off of his and his wife’s clothes multiple times during our session – all with a genuine smile on his face. He made us laugh, and most importantly, made his wife, dog, and little baby girl feel safe, secure and loved.

I feel grateful to have captured not only the beauty that is represented in a new, little life, but also, the beauty of marriage, and how merrily serving one another can truly be the most loving act one person can do for another.

Congratulations Sara & Nathan! 

Cali Lou is such a precious baby! 

You two are truly blessed beyond belief.


Rachel Kathleen

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