Dreamy Spring Minnesota Engagement Session

Newly engaged Minnesota couple

The very first thing Mark did before his & Nadia’s engagement shoot, was grab a bright, yellow dandelion and hand it to her; Nadia’s face glimmered with a smile. That particular moment, was the moment I knew we were about to create magic together!

But that’s not where this story began. 

Let’s go back to the beginning; the when & where I met Nadia & Mark – a vivaciously, fun couple.

This past April, I was at the Dublin, Ireland airport with my mom & sister. It was our first international girl’s trip, and we were headed home from our travels. A buzz of excitement filled the air. People either had headphones in; were chatting or sleeping; or forming lines to board their flights home. It was my very first long trip, eleven days to be exact, away from my two-and-a-half year-old toddler, Clementine. I simply could not wait to squeeze her, and kiss her pink cheeks. My stomach hurt in anticipation.

Engaged couple in Minnesota prairie

As fellow passengers were waiting for their group to be called, so they could board the flight, my mom was one of the first to have her ticket scanned.

Just then, as her ticket was scanned, an annoying – BEEP – loudly filled our boarding gate.

Then came the second attempt. Again, BEEP. 

Then, the airline crew member begrudgingly uttered the words no one anticipates, or wants to hear. 

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“I’m sorry, it seems that your connecting flight has been canceled due to weather, so we will need to re-book you on the next available flight.” What? No! I couldn’t believe it! We did all of that work to get to the airport – returned our rental car, went through security, got pre-screened through customs, and then finally made it to our gate. All to hear BEEP – sorry ma’am you’ll have to step aside! My heart sunk. I wasn’t going to kiss my daughter that night, and snuggle her before bed. No no no!

After my initial disappointment sank in, I knew I was going to have to make the best of it. To find some positive twist to this story. I then realized there were twenty-six fellow Minnesotans who were also re-booked to the same hotel we were, and re-booked on some of the same flights home, as well. So this spunky, red-headed, extrovert decided to quickly make friends. After all, if we were all going to have to go to the same hotel, and likely be on the same flights headed home, we may as well have some fun together!

Newly engaged couple laughing in the woods

And sure enough, there stood Nadia & Mark. 

That’s right. I met the cutest, recently engaged couple.

They were all smiles, instantly friendly, and had a positive outlook about our current flight dilemma.

We cracked jokes, attempting to make our situation as lighthearted as possible.

Beautiful diamond engagement ring

Then naturally, my eyes were drawn to Nadia’s ever-so-sparkly diamond ring which “sparked” – pun intended – up a deeper conversation. Mark & Nadia happily shared there engagement story. Mark had waited a few days after they arrived in Ireland to actually pop the question. His eyes sparkled as he talked about how he just couldn’t wait to ask her; and they spoke of how Nadia had absolutely no clue he was going to propose.

Happily engaged Minnesota couple

Their smiles were full of merriment as they shared their engagement story.

As I continued to ask them questions about their work, home life, and new puppy, I observed their overwhelming love for each other through their loving glances, gentle whispers, and shared laughter. 

I was grateful for their positivity, and for their company. And of course, as a photographer, I just knew I HAD to capture their love story. Which led us to this beautiful, warm, spring engagement session. And these amazing photos, of these two kind, loving, and positive souls. They showed up to their engagement session, ready to have fun, and entrusted me to capture their story.

I never once had to ask Mark to kiss Nadia, or to interact with her. He was naturally flirtatious, without prompts or nudges. In fact, they both had fun being silly together, snuggling, kissing and making this engagement session a pure joy to photograph.

Nadia & Mark – you have broached this new chapter of your life, with so much joy & laughter. I cannot wait to continue to celebrate with you both! CHEERS to meeting new friends in unexpected places, and to making the most of every moment!

Congratulations, Nadia & Mark – I hope you enjoy this tribute to your love story!


Rachel Kathleen

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