5 Simple Steps for Making your Makeup LAST on your Wedding Day!

Worried that your makeup won’t last on your wedding day without multiple touch-ups? You aren’t alone! After hearing this concern over and over again from multiple brides, I decided to collaborate with an amazingly, talented makeup-artist, Heather Marie Makeup, to bring you this very helpful & insightful BLOG-post regarding all things bridal makeup. And whether you feel comfortable wearing & applying makeup daily, or if you prefer the “natural” look most days, this post is exactly what you need for a long-lasting, effortless bridal look!

1.  Foundation: 

Foundation may be a totally foreign concept for you in your “every-day” makeup routine. And thus, you may be concerned that you won’t look like “yourself” on your wedding day if you have your makeup professionally applied.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your foundation solution right here for you!

A I R B R U S H foundation – that’s right! Heather always recommends this foundation to all of her brides because of this makeup’s “triple-threat-like” qualities!

Airbrush foundation is light-weight, water resistant (great for all those happy, wedding-day tears), AND this foundation creates fuller coverage i.e. – layers & layers of makeup (foundation, blush, highlighter, eye makeup etc.) without leaving your makeup looking or feeling like a thick coat of makeup.

Liquid coverage, in contrast, can get overused or applied too thickly by adding more and more layers of makeup which ends up not only looking and feeling heavy, but appears “cakey” too. 

This is why airbrush foundation can be a much better option for creating a thin, even layer of makeup versus layers upon layers of makeup. Lastly, not only is airbrush foundation versatile, but it also photographs beautifully, AND makes you feel like you aren’t wearing too much makeup either. Yayyyy!

So, what if your makeup artist doesn’t offer airbrush foundation in their packages, or what if you plan to apply your own makeup on your wedding day? Don’t worry, we’ve got solutions for those scenarios too.

When picking a liquid foundation for your wedding day, here are just a few general guidelines to follow. 

First, pick a premium, long lasting, full-coverage foundation with little to no SPF for your special day – such as: Lancome, Tarte, Huda Beauty, Makeup Forever. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help at the makeup counter – in fact, Heather encourages you to ask for help! The salesclerks can help color-match foundation to your exact skin-tone, and they can also provide a few samples of different foundations so you can see which one suites your needs the best. 

Pro-Tip: Full-coverage foundation can sometimes be overused, or applied too thickly in an attempt to cover blemishes or uneven skin-tones. Instead of adding layers upon layers of foundation, try adding in a little dab of your favorite face-moisturizer to your foundation to create a medium-to-sheer coverage instead. Can you say, hello beautiful glow?!

2. Powder:

This may come as a shock to you, but the LESS powder you use the BETTER. 

That’s right! When powder gets wet, it can run the risk of breaking apart and becoming “cakey,” or too heavy. (Don’t let those happy tears ruin your pretty wedding makeup – wink wink.)

Instead, try using the smallest amount of powder and choosing a makeup setting spray to lock your makeup in place – such as: Urban decay, Morphe, Tarte, or Smash box.

3. Eyelashes 

Some brides are nervous about wearing fake eyelashes, and even more nervous about applying them on themselves. Maybe you are also concerned about how you’ll look while wearing fake lashes. Well, don’t let the application or the wearing of fake eyelashes scare you. They honestly make a world of a difference to your “finished look,” and will most definitely make your eyes POP in your photographs. 

For a fun & flirtatious look – choose a wispy lash.

For a more dramatic, sultry & romantic look – choose a thicker, longer lash.

If you plan on applying your own lashes, here are some trusted eyelash adhesive brands from your local drugstore and online: Ardell is a clear lash glue that is affordable and easiest to use. Eylure is another great option – it’s quick-drying and also happens to be vegan-friendly. House of lashes is a great waterproof eyelash glue, however, it is a tad bit pricier than the other brands listed above. Heather says if you can swing it, swing for the waterproof eyelash glue.

Pro-Tip: Stay away from black lash glue! And, for any mascara “oopsies” – don’t panic, let the unwanted mascara smear dry completely, then, with a Q-tip, flake away the dried mascara smear.

4. Hydrate

Stay hydrated! 

Drinking a lot of water will make your skin healthy, have a natural glow, and look and feel lusciously plump. Yes! And bonus, the healthier your skin looks, the better your makeup will look!

Pro-tip: 3-4 weeks before your wedding, get a facial for your specific skin type. Because beautiful glowing skin not only helps your makeup look beautiful, but last too!

And not only is a facial a great way for you to relax and unwind, but it will also help prep your skin for the application of makeup on your wedding day. Sounds like a win-win to me!

5. Blot Blot Blot 

Tears, rain, and sweat can all ruin the look of your makeup – especially if you wipe it away. So keep a little tissue with you or with a bridesmaid and gently pat away any moisture that accumulates throughout your wedding day. 

Please note: wiping and rubbing your makeup WILL take your makeup right off your face – EEK! So whatever you do, don’t wipe, rub, or smear your makeup!

Pro-tip: Instead of using a tissue to blot your tears away, before your tears even fall, place a Q-tip in the inner corner of your eye. That way your happy tears won’t ruin your makeup! 

Well that’s it! We’ve just shared with you “5 Simple Steps to Help Your Makeup Last on Your Wedding Day!” And if you follow these simple steps, you can be certain that your bridal makeup will make you look & feel like yourself, be long-lasting, and effortlessly provide a little glam on your wedding day. As always, we hope RK’s Wedding Tips have helped make your wedding day planning a little less stressful, and even more glamorous!

Makeup: Heather Marie

Photography: Rachel Kathleen Photography

Model: Molly Zorn

Styling: Rachel Kathleen

Dress: Morning Lavender

Flowers: Whole Foods (varied selection put together by Rachel)

Location: Rachel Kathleen’s Studio & Elm Creek Park Reserve, Maple Grove, MN

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